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Witches' Brew: From the "We Off That" Files: Pour out a little likka

Monday, November 30, 2009

From the "We Off That" Files: Pour out a little likka

We are winding down 2009. A year of change and hope. But much of our new found clout can easily be canceled out by some of your colored cousins who continue to act like coons in the clubs. Case in point, Trey Songz (@SongzYuuup). Now, I know this young brother is swexy and all...but Imma need you Trey not to follow Jamie Foxx down his yellow brick road of cornball acts of kindness. Pouring Goose down a willing "lady's" throat is never a good look. To put it simple, it's corny. Kind of like wearing sunglasses in the club corny (unless you have a wonk eye, then we'll give you a pass) Somewhere this chick's three kids are at their grandmouva's house downing red kool-aid from Big Lots baby bottles and learning how to curse right. If this shining example of womenhood can't understand that aspiring to have a "celebrity" dose your face and do with 90 proof is not the move then okay...but you don't have to feed into it. We Witches like to cut up in the club from time to time and we get it, you're young, but this is just corny boo. Cease and desist, stat! Head to Necole Bitchie for more pictures from Trey's 25th birfday partay!

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