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Witches' Brew: Reason # 2,978,510 Why Facebook is De Debbil

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reason # 2,978,510 Why Facebook is De Debbil

A broad can't even be a little depressed without the Facebook snitches droppin' dime.

Nathalie Blanchard works for IBM, but she's been on long term sick leave because she's got a case of the sads.  The 29 year old has been on leave from her job in Quebec for the last year and a half after being diagnosed with depression.  She was getting a monthly check from her insurance company until they cut a bish off!  When Blanchard called to make the typical "uh, where the eff is my check" rant, the insurer said she was available to work because of ... (*cue debbil music*) Facebook!

Blanchard's insurance agent had clicked on the woman's Facebook page and spotted pictures of her getting her rocks off at a Chippendales show and on vacation.  The insurance company used that as proof that she's over her depression and thus, no longer needed them to cut da check!

Ain't that a mofo!

Blanchard said she told the company she was taking a trip and that her doctor told her she needed to get out the house.  So she did.  

See, that's why ya'll need to block the hell outta your Facebook pages.

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