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Witches' Brew: Christmas Corner: X-mas and Your New Boo.......

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Corner: X-mas and Your New Boo.......

Don't cha just hate meeting someone new around the holidays? Yeah it's fun going out for steaks and martinis but then you realize, "oh snap! do I have to buy this fool something for Christmas?' and if so, what?

A sweater from "The Gap"? 

the December issue of 'Playboy'? 

a dime bag?

some black n milds? 

some regular sized condoms (cause the magnums are a smidge baggy)? Ugh! I hate this!!!

Now he for sure better buy me a gift or all hell will break loose. I don't have any real reason for this particular stance, he just better, that's all I know....... But it is seriously hard trying decide what is proper when you've only known a person for a little over a month or two. Giving them nothing at all might come off as inconsiderate, giving something small might come off as cheap and going big like say those sought after tickets to Hammer's comeback tour might seem like you're saying "I love you". It's so hard.

WHAT TO DO??????? HELP!!!!!!!!



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