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Witches' Brew: Pretty TRULY IS As Pretty Does: Tomiko Fraser

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty TRULY IS As Pretty Does: Tomiko Fraser

Maybelline Spokesmodel/ Blacktress Tomiko Fraser wants women to tap the goddess within. “Tomiko Fraser’s Goddess Gathering” is a female empowerment and support group. Currently in its 5th year, the Goddess Gathering meets on a monthly basis. “The Goddess Gathering” hosted its first outreach program, an empowerment workshop, in 2008 with the generous support of Maybelline. The workshop—conceived by Tomiko—helped to empower women and young girls from two Los Angeles area social service organizations to tap into their natural talents and build self-esteem.

If you're on the West Coast, check them out! Every little bit of positive affirmation, helps in these crappy times!

Love it, celebs doing more than showing up at a club and opening a bottle of bub!

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