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Witches' Brew: More Drama At The Jackson Home

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Drama At The Jackson Home

Um, what the fudge is going on up in the Jackson Estate? First, Jermaine Jackson's kid buys a stun gun and tries to make Blanket an Electric Blanket©... and now this.

Armed LAPD officers surrounded the Jackson home in Encino, CA tonight after receiving a burglary in progress call. Officers entered the front gate of the compound with shotguns drawn, while a helicopter circled the house. Turns out the call (which came from inside the home) was just a "false alarm."

It's not clear who made the call or which Jacksons were in the home. Jackson matriarch, Katherine, reportedly lives in the home not only with Michael's 3 kids, but also a few of Jermaine's kids and Jermaine's ex-wife (who also happens to be Randy's ex-wife). Yeah... and you thought your family had some issues.

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