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Witches' Brew: What’s Brewing?

Friday, March 5, 2010

What’s Brewing?

LisaRaye does another booty tootin' photo shoot – Media Outrage

McSteamy and that Noxema girl have a baby – PopEater

Gadget geek alert! Apple’s iPad available for pre-order soon – TechCrunch

Obama’s mystery medication – The Daily Beast

Hide the weed… Snoop returns to London – FreddyO

Woman whups husband's arse… police roll by – Bossip

Grace Jones is still a slave to the rhythm – Huffington Post

T.I.’s comeback will be “aggressive & mean” – Hiphop 'N More

If you don’t like Sean Penn, he’ll wish rectal cancer upon you – I’m Not Obsessed!

Naomi Campbell hits driver…driver apologizes to her - Betty Confidential

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