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Witches' Brew: Are We Being Punk’d?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are We Being Punk’d?

Clutch your pearls (or your balls…whatever you reach for when you’re shocked)…

Hip Hip blogger Illseed is reporting a Rock-A-Fella reunion may be on the way.

Whoa. This is a big one. Rumor has it, Dame Dash and Jay-Z recently had a secret dinner and there was a possible discussion of a Roc-A-Fella reunion. And this is a doozie and perhaps I am TOTALLY being PRANKED, but I heard that Bleek and Beans was there as well. Dame’s previously been interviewed saying that he and Jay’s relationship is on good/friendly terms. But, from what I understand, this PRESUMED meeting was also about what to do with the Roc artists that are in limbo. Not sure about this one, but it would be cool to have the Roc back…for a spell.

Stay tuned… I guess. But, at last check (and you know I believe everything Wikipedia tells me), there were more people who used to record for Tha Roc than there are currently signed. Hmmmmmmm

Do you believe this?


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