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Witches' Brew: Brew Discussion: The "10" and her friends....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brew Discussion: The "10" and her friends....

I have always tried to pick my sistah-friends based on their loyalty and core values you know the good stuff on the inside. I never paid much attention to their outward appearances until a guy I was seeing was looking through some of my girl night out pictures on Facebook and made a comment that some of my girls were “not that hot”. WTF?!?

I immediately took offense and told him where he can stick his opinions because all my girls on “cuties on duty” and about three of his friends looked like Gucci Mane!

Later on that night, I started thinking; are guys really Shallow Hals? Do you see a dime and if she isn’t surrounded by a bevy of beauties you bounce? Discuss…

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At Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 1:04:00 PM EDT , Blogger Phlip said...

In shallower days, you would bet your ass that I would refrain from getting at an 8-or-better chick if she was hanging with a crew of swamp donkeys.
1 - Let's say I do her right and it just ain't quite working out. She is getting everything she needs physically, but real chemistry EVERYWHERE else ain't there. Well, we ALL know that some chicks talk to fuckin' much, so her girls KNOW she is getting her back blowed out on the regular, right? Well, soon as we are no more, I have the homely friends that want the same.
2 - My homeboys... Every time a dude and a chick are interacting, the first thing his rounds will say is "she got any friends?" and I would naturally have to say yes, unless those friends were involved. Man, I could not COULD NOT let my homies get with a chick I would not get near myself. Not to mention the ridicule that would come with almost linking -- if not even trying -- my boys with a duck.
3 - The "pilot fish" effect...
[Phlip note - pilot fish are the little fish that follow sharks and catch and feed ONLY on what the alpha animal misses, drops or otherwise can't eat]
Are the homely chicks hanging around you and making believe that they're GREAT friends and mutually beneficial because they know that you will be approached 20 times that night and can only entertain one when it is over, therefore leaving the 4 of them 19 possible suitors who might available to grab as he falls off? They don't want the main course, the leftovers are fine with them.
4 - Comparative attractiveness... Perhaps she is not a 10 at all, more like a strong 7 -- like a gangster-ass spades hand -- and has convinced herself that the 5s she surrounds herself are the 7s to her 10, all in some delusional attempt to be good looking enough to holla at?

All that being said, I rarely got at a chick in a pack of friends, I would sooner a chick who was confident enough to fly solo, or at most with a sister or cousin or some shit like that. "girls night out" reminds me that female lions and tigers hunt in packs.

No need to even get into the derailment in "well your boys look like gucci mane," considering no attempt at claims to the contrary. If anyone is judging the looks of another, the only person whose looks they should be concerned with is their own.

Just sayin'.


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