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Witches' Brew: If You’ve Got An iPad… You Need To Cover It

Saturday, April 10, 2010

If You’ve Got An iPad… You Need To Cover It

If you’re one of the lucky (perhaps, fanatical) bunch who stood in line last weekend to cop yourself Steve Jobs’ latest gadget, then you need a cover to keep that puppy safe. Turns out, there’s an entire blog devoted to the hottest iPad covers.

Amazon sells an iPad accessory bundle that includes a cover for $29.95.

For the classy types, Padova sells this leather case for $209 (if you have any money left…).

I’m a fan of this one. It’s like some wild Jetsons type ish. It’s the bubble iPad sleeve from Hard Candy Cases ($49.95).

Substrata’s wood iPad case starts selling in June. No price on this one yet.

The BOOK for iPad ($89) is ultra classy and great way to disguise your investment (you know how these thugs roll today… if you wanna hide something, put it in a book!)

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