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Witches' Brew: Is Sandy Hiding Something?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Sandy Hiding Something?

So, this Jesse James jumpoff story has been the talk of town for awhile now, with his Nazi freakiness allegations, his Vanilla Gorilla peen and whatnot. Everyone’s saying Sandy (who does have a prenup) is gonna leave his arse. Or is she?

Word on the curb now is Sandra Bullock may be scurred to roll out because Jesse may have some dirt on her (a sex tape, perhaps?). Somebody all up in Sandy’s bidness says the main reason she hasn’t packed her Oscar and chucked the deuces on the marriage yet is because “she doesn't want to trigger Jesse into attacking her publicly and revealing her secrets."

Mmkay, so lemme get this straight: he’s done the nasty with a tatted up, Hitler-lovin’ stripper and you mean to tell me there’s something more that could embarrass Sandy? The freak in me kinda wants to know.

So what’s your call? Why hasn’t she left yet? Would YOU stay and work it out?

UPDATE: Sandra says there's no freaky sex tape with her hubby. Hmmm... so what's she hiding?


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