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Witches' Brew: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Divided By Some Skank= Oh No He Di'nt!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Divided By Some Skank= Oh No He Di'nt!

So Us Weekly has been all up the ass of this family that is famous for the fruit of it's womb. Litter-ally (WORD PLAY, MUTHAFLUCKAS! )
The TLC Reality show about a couple raising a set of twins and 6 multiples has a Special Guest daddy's pants... ALLEGEDLY.
Anyway, the mom (That be Kate) was scheduled on the Today show to pimp promote her new book about raising the squad, but instead ended up defending her marriage. As it seems that old Jonny boy has gotten him some young nubile trim on de-side. I guess someone has gotta do damage control for the gravy train.

Now, to my question. It always kills me when celebrities say 'respect my privacy!!' when they are the ones walking around town draw-less getting in and out of autos, doing heroin in parking lots and chit. But at least in that case- these are people who are known for 'something': a talent, a skill, or for being a producer, dancin' all up in the videos (SHUG KNIGHT! shout out for 2009). Maybe they can cut a mean rug and lip sync like no tomorrow, or maybe they made a sex tape. (I mean a sex tape is work. Have you ever tried to tape yourselves? Dude, there's lighting and angles to consider, not letting the cellulite show too much, making sure your technique is displayed...and if you're really artsy, a plot line. THAT IS HARD WORK!)

In this case, cameras were invited into a modest family's home, and the modest family has reaped the benefits like a mutha jumpa. Free trips, new mini-mansion, perks out the azz. Kudos for making that work for you. But, why are they then exempt from scrutiny? Is there a such thing as 'Right to Selective Privacy'? Discuss.

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At Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 2:15:00 AM EDT , Blogger Kim said...

Looks like another family killed by their reality show...


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