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Witches' Brew: Doing Good Feels Good: DeShawn Snow Foundation

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doing Good Feels Good: DeShawn Snow Foundation

Yes DeShawn (who says "juuurry" instead of "jewelry") was excommunicated from "Real Housewives" but let's not lose sight of the fact that her foundation, the DeShawn Snow Foundation does good for young girls through mentoring and empowerment programs. Her foundation's mission is to foster confidence in teenage girls while simultaneously helping them to make sound and smart decisions about their life. We all see very poor examples of what happens to young girls who have no one to look up to or to go to for help and advice. So I think we should applaud DeShawn for not just being a "shop for Louboutins and Indian hair" all day NBA wife, she actually uses her resources and her time to actively give back and make a life long impact on the lives of young women. Click on the link to find out more about her foundation and the various ways you yourself can help out.

"I established the DeShawn Snow Foundation to assist teenage girls who face challenges and roadblocks like I did. I believe that together we can make a difference and have a substantial impact in steering our teenage girls toward successful life paths. I want to be part of making a difference, so I have dedicated my life to empowering and enriching the lives of girls."

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At Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 4:31:00 PM EDT , Blogger Kim said...

Good for her.. She wasn't drama enough for those house wives who one was a mistress and the other was getting a divorce, but go Deshawn


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