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Witches' Brew: Death To The Hair Hat.........

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Death To The Hair Hat.........

Yes, I'm that witch! the one that changes her look like most people change their pannies (if they wear them that is) so you won't catch me disparaging the good name of weave all willy nilly like I'm crazy, I am not one tiny bit moved by the militants that claim I hate myself and my nubian swag, that couldn't be farther from the truth, HOWEVER! I want hair hats burned....... nationwide.

A hair hat is what you see in this pic and those hair hats are bought to you by none other than Trina and "dude looks like a lady" Nicki Minaj. Now again, I love hair. Well let me be more specific, I love adding hair to the hair I already have (and yes I do have hair). But my hair is not "showgirl" enough for my personality, it's healthy and all but it doesn't spit that 'hot Dylan fire' like some delicious Indian remy can. But if you don't live with or have 24 hour access to Tina Knowles who can clearly install the ish outta a lacefront wig then STEP AWAY FROM THE HAIR HAT!!!!!

These are generally very pretty girls but their hair hats look mad Halloweenish, just get an undetectable weave like Sheree's ( I'm a certified stan for Sheree's weaves, they always look like licorice, I just wanna chew on it!)

But *sigh* if you insist on the hair hat, please keep in mind that most hairlines don't start at the bridge of your nose, I guess we'll just have to take baby steps on this thing.

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