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Witches' Brew: "Go Green" at the Ganja Gourmet: Food Seasoned with the Oooo Weee.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Go Green" at the Ganja Gourmet: Food Seasoned with the Oooo Weee.....

If you love food as much as this witch right here then you have already experienced a "food high" more than a few times in your life. So you probably wouldn't need to patronize The Ganja Gourmet  in Denver where food is seasoned with a healthy heaping of the green stuff you keep finding in your pannie drawer even though you keep telling your man over and over to hide it in the sock drawer......

So yeah, here's a list of some of their offerings, all of which contain some ooooo weeee....

- Gourmet Pizza
- Meat & Vegetable Lasagna
- Chocolate Mousse Cake
- Lots of different chocolate candies - THE BEST!!!
- Coconut, Almond & Pecan Brownies
- Almond Horns (Steve Weed Says "It's an East Coast thing, wait till you try it!")
- Chocolate, Cherry, Blueberry, or Pineapple Cheesecake
- Free Massages
- Free Growing Advice
- Clones
- Tinctures
- Hash

Of course, you must possess a card as proof that your purchase is strictly for medicinal purposes. Yeah right! Anyone who looks like this:

Is NOT smoking for medicinal purposes.......

A whole pizza cost $89 buckaroos! Surely someone is definitely high in that mickey flick if they think I'm paying $89 for some damn pizza.  So far reviews are quite favorable and there are claims that the food is actually yummy.

I think Chipotle must be slippin the oooo weee in those burritos, that has to explain my addiction

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