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Witches' Brew: Jesus Shuttlesworth! You Got A Nasty Mouth

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus Shuttlesworth! You Got A Nasty Mouth

Someone took NBA star Ray Allen's Twit for Twat account a bit too literally yesterday. It seems a hacker posted a naughty tweet that left Ray's followers stunned (or, mildly turned on... justsayin).

The tweet read: "I'm getting there. When you masturbate think about my tongue or your cl*t and switching back and forth from my d**k to my tongue." Jiminy Christmas!

Ray hopped on 14 minutes later and said: "I'm sorry my acct was hacked into. I need to changey tweet handle." He switched his screen name from @sugarray20 to @greenrayn20.

The nassy tweet eventually got deleted but not before some crafty folks took a screen grab. Taste The Brew to get the dirty deets.

Oddly, whoever "hacked" Ray used the same Twitter service (Echofon) to tweet it that Ray uses to send his other "real" messages. Hmmm... perhaps that was supposed to be a direct message to someone instead of a public tweet. I sure hope that was meant for the wife. Oops!


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