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Witches' Brew: Recession Proof Job #45: Amy Winehouse's Publicist

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recession Proof Job #45: Amy Winehouse's Publicist

Just the thought of being Amy Winehouse's publicist makes me hurl hairballs. The troubled soul singer is reportedly due to spend New Year's Eve in a hospital following a lonely binge drinking episode. This is like the 50-11th time she's been in the hospital over some Brewshyt! Her very public battle with drugs has ensured her a suite equipped with a stomach pump that's surely seen a lot of work. I thought she was cleaning up a bit? And there's also word that she is ready to re-marry her ex-husband and resident street urchin Blake Civil-Fielder.

Just imagine how many calls her publicist gets each day from media and her pushers? Instead those inspiration posters with sayings such as  "Motivation" and "Drive"...that publicist has probably got "reaction to a prescription medication" or "exhustation" as running screen savers!

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