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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Brew Chick Presents
Following Scenario

"Dude A" is best friends with a woman but it's strictly platonic. His boy, "Dude B", comes into town for visit and both dudes and the female BFF hang out. The BFF and "Dude B", the visitor, are immediately attracted to each other. They later start hooking up secretly because "Dude A" has been known to be a hoarder when it comes to chicks, even girls he's just friends with. But the relationship is getting serious now, should they tell "Dude A"? And does "Dude A" have a right to be upset?

Bianca: Dudes? What say you?....

REV REAL: Not unless Dude B is known to be a player, and will dog out the female BFF.

Bianca: That Rev, so sensible, so to the point, so zzzzzzzzz...let's throw it to my favorite wackadoodle---

GROSS DUDE: As a hoarder of women myself.. NO, he should not be upset... that's why u hoard.....attrition is the norm and should be expected so you keep hoarding more women. If u don't lose them to your best friend, some random outside dude is eventually going to chip away at your harem anyway. But if its serious and really has potential, then that's reason to be excited for them. A wedding is coming, with open bar and a free meal...and possibly lots of desperate bridesmaids, to do what? HOARD! I don't think this guy is an opportunist like me. He needs to think big picture.
( Bianca: Any one else think this dude has feral puss running around his house like on Hoarders?)

THE CASHER!: If Dude B was a real dude, he would have told Dude A from the beginning. What is he hiding for??? Are they back in high school??? And if Dude A gets upset....SO!!! I'd LAUGH at a dude for getting mad cause I'm talking to his "friend". That's straight up bitchassness and I'd pass him some midol and a heating pad.

But the sad news, is the "relationship" with Dude B and the BFF probably won't last outside of the "secret". Once the excitement is gone and Dude A finds out, they're done.

Bianca: Wow that Casher is a killjoy, huh?

SUpreme: I'm gonna say from the jump...this scenario reeks of bitchassness...

None of my boys would ever "secretly" hook up with a girl I was cool with, nor would I do that with them. We're BOYS - we discuss whatever WHENEVER, cuz what does it matter? Why let a chick come between us? AND, WTF is this "hoarding chicks" thing you speak of? Dude hoards chicks he's NOT romantically linked to? Huh?

To answer the questions:

(Bianca: Gee, thanks for getting around to that..)

1. Of course they should tell Dude A! How y'all hooking up with each other behind the back of the mutual best friend?!? Y'all can't be too tight if y'all gotta hide things like that from someone who is allegedly y'all best friend. My best friends and I don't hide anything other than surprises from each other.

2. Does Dude A have a right to be upset? I'd say so...two of his best friends were attracted to and hooking up and found it necessary to hide it and deceive him? Man, it ain't even ABOUT being upset about them hooking up - who cares that they hooked up? Everyone is cool, right? It's about feeling the need to be shady and secretive about it when that wasn't warranted.

But the scenario presented has strong implications that both men may possess Day 26 albums...

Bianca: Or have been kicked out of the group, itself.)

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