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Witches' Brew: Brew Commentary: Do the Dorothy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brew Commentary: Do the Dorothy!

I stumbled upon a photo of Dorothy Dandridge today and it made me pause and relish in the simplicity of her beauty. No blonde highlights. No hair down her back. No fake lashes. No neck tats. No bling. A lot of no’s that add up to one big yes! She’s classic. That got me to thinking about many of the female celebrities today who we call “beautiful”. Many have fake hair and fake body parts, wear mountains of makeup and have everything out on display. There’s nothing wrong with that if it makes you feel better about yourselves, but it leaves nothing to the imagination. I don’t want to make it seem all bad. There are glimpses of simplistic beauty still around. Actresses like Halle Berry, Paula Patton and Sanaa Lathan come to mind. I also see ordinary women everyday who also possess this outwardly gift. So I am wondering; are our standards that skewed or is it just a case of impatience? True beauty is something that gets better the more you admire it. It doesn’t hit you over the head, it's subtle and soft. However, in this day and age everything is so immediate. Women only get 2.5 seconds to make an impression before "it’s on to the next one… " Instant gratification never lasts long though. So ladies, I challenge you in 2010 to “Do the Dorothy”.



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