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Witches' Brew: Gilbert Arenas: You ARE The Meep Meep King!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gilbert Arenas: You ARE The Meep Meep King!

Tis The Season For Suspensions...Fa La La La La La FAIL!

Seriously did he get dropped off by the the short bus to the Verizon Center? I'm giving him 2 Points on the ''FINGER GUNS" though.. Nothing says ahole like a set of well aimed finger guns!

"NBA commissioner David Stern indefinitely suspended Gilbert Arenas without pay Wednesday, saying the Washington Wizards guard is "not currently fit to take the court."Stern also warned that Arenas' conduct will "ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse."Arenas is under investigation by federal and local authorities after admittedly bringing guns to the locker room. Stern originally planned to wait to take action and directed the Washington organization to do the same. But the commissioner tired of Arenas' behavior.Before a game Tuesday night in Philadelphia, Arenas was photographed encircled by teammates, smiling and pointing his index fingers at them as if they were guns. Arenas met with law enforcement officials Monday and said the next day he feared Stern more than the authorities because the commissioner was "mean.*" "

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