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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ASK A DUDEĀ©: Brace Yourself!

SOO... the Witches and I choppin it up via email, as we do...and the subject of anal loving came up.

OK, I MAY have brought the subject up, sue me. Annnnywhositsway..

We ask our dudes to weigh in:
To do or not to do.... in the BOOGINA?

Ask A Cash: Do if you down, don't if you're not. Don't really know what else to say about that, but I'm sure some of the other dudes will. (reaching for popcorn and a drink)

Phlip: Golden rule applies here... Mine is to remain treated as "exit only" and in return I will treat yours the same.

Rev Real: No, unless as Slick Rick said, you have a "yay wide" gap.

BIANCA: As in too wide to have sexy times the regular way? My head hurts.

SUpreme: I do not put my Creation Rod into anyone's muddy feces deposit chute! EVER! Yuck. I can't speak for anyone else, but that's like 1 step away from being Oz-ready...and Adabise ain't gon' see THIS kid - EVER!!! Nah, homie...I don't play with the poop chute. Once again, I treat it like 7Up - I never have, and I never will...
And it goes without saying - no one touches my brown globes unless it's to clutch them while I'm thrusting myself hither unto thou...

BIANCA: Creation Rod, Oz Ready? I can't with this guy...he gets the tittycheese man as an avatar!

Gross Dude: This may come as a shock to you but... I'm not a fan! Ive knocked off a couple of chicks in the butthole in my time.....but that was pretty much a case of..."I wonder how far this chick will go", so it was more of a test as opposed to a fascination. I dont even bother pushing that envelope...I'm more partial to chicks that swallow these days but that's another conversation. But back to the topic at hand... I've had instances where a turd would drop out afterwards giving it to them in the butt....and that is just a mood killer. I'm not a fan of shit.. especially when its not in its proper when it ends up on your floor or bed it kinda ruins the moment for me.

BIANCA: *Blink* ........*Blink*

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