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Witches' Brew: Jay-Z's Obama Connections

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jay-Z's Obama Connections

We tipped you off on Twitter yesterday that Jay-Z was on his way to the White House shortly before his scheduled performance at DC's Verizon Center. And, sure 'nuff, he confirmed it at the show and the Washington Post picked up on it.

Apparently, President Obama has invited Jay to the White House a few times (since the Prez is a big fan and all), but the Jigga man couldn't make it (how you can't find time in your schedule not to rub elbows with the Obamas is beyond me...I'd come by even if Bo the dog sent me an invite...but, I digress). Anyway, Jay finally made the visit happen yesterday.  He got a little tour, had a few words with the Prez (and even brought Trey Songz along) and then bragged about it at his show.

Bringing Marcy to the White House.  That's a good look!

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