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Witches' Brew: Straight from the "WTF!" files..... Man Girdles!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Straight from the "WTF!" files..... Man Girdles!

Ok now as a sturdy girl myself, one would think I was an advocate for foundation garments such as girdles and the like but not so! I HATE THEM!!! Everyone who knows me knows you'd have a helluva easier time getting me to go commando before I'd be caught dead in a compression undergarment so imagine my surprise when this site that features "man girdles" was bought to my attention.


Well no, unfortuantely this is no joke, enter and they got man corsets out the ass for dat ass!!! I mean seriously? Are men really buying these things like hotcakes? like seriously?

All I imagne is meeting that hottie at happy hour and him accidentally ending up at your house that same night. After some steamy heavy petting you start feeling around to get a sense of things and them bam! you feel what you are 100% certain is a garment made of playtex material , MUTHAEFFIN PLAYTEX!!! when should there ever be a time when you are getting felt up and trying to return the favor and get cock blocked by a man girldle?! I ususally like my mens in fairly decent shape but I say to hell with it, if you're a big boy let your shat hang and swang before you ever let yourself get caught dead in a girdle.

And is it me or does it seem that the man girdle is also compressing the main vein there? oy vey!!

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