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Witches' Brew: Ovulating ATL Housewives Party Planner, Married???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ovulating ATL Housewives Party Planner, Married???

According to this audio from an interview he did where he explained his side of the story, yes he is. Now in my eyes he's up there in the clouds with Peter Pan.... married?? And if it's indeed to a woman then what would make him go "time of the month" ballistic on Sheree like that?
I mean he was posting up on her like he wanted to box! Married....... To someone with a vagi-cat? how? he totally queened out on her, "Oh you need to google me"....... ah sure thing Queen!

Eff that! I'm calling Cleveland myself Sheree, Imma need Pookie em them to come handle this fool! Perhaps he needs to try a different brand of tampon...... Tampax Pearl is wonderful Mr. "Top Level Executive"......

So seriously..... who gon check me boo?

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