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Witches' Brew: Ask A Dude

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ask A Dude

Brew Chick Asks: "I recently started dating someone, and thought things were going well. We love each other's company, we have common interests and I was looking forward to seeing where things would lead. Then he stopped calling. Ego aside, I was ready to chalk it up and take the loss, then he called. I asked what his deal was and he said: ''I really like you and I love spending time with you, but you dont seem like you NEED me.'' -- I'm completely baffled. So, I like you and WANT to spend time with you..isn't enough? - On top of that you need me to be a helpless twit? Should a woman pretend to be a half-wit in order to keep her man?!

Dudes...what's your call?

Reverend Real: Chick move on his part. Keep it movin'.

Ask A Cash: Sounds like he doesn't have the cajones to say,"I'm feeling the slut puppy that's sweatin me". That's bull and shouldn't have a reflection on the girl. I'm sure he really does enjoy her time, but I'm also sure that she's not the only one. Think about it. If he really feels like she doesn't "need" him, then he obviously has found someone whom he feels does. Translation: Some easy broad that will do anything that he says. Just sayin...It's either that, or she's dealing with a man with an extremely low self-esteem and she should get out, not now, but RIGHT NOW. She shouldn't "dumb it down" and live a sub-par life. If he needs something that you can't provide, then move on and cut your loses.

Gross Dude: I think some guys like or need that. I guess it helps them justify their existence...maybe its an ego thing, I can’t relate. Personally, I hate a half-witted chick. All I can think about is Jessica Simpson and her chicken of the Sea Episode. So ladies.. adjust your intelligence levels accordingly... Dumb yourselves down to the simpletons and step your game up to the fellas that like a challenge. Some of us are actually impressed and like Sharp Chicks. I'll play along with a real halfwit till I can't take anymore.

**Apparently Gross Dude advocates being a chameleon...

SUpreme: Not a woman who values herself and knows how she should be treated.The man you describe sounds like an insecure, bitchass BOY who has yet to completely wean himself off his mothers' teat. Cut him back immediately and move on to the next one...something like this should raise an immediate red flag. No woman should have to lower herself for a mate. Especially not one asking you to play the needy, helpless little bitch role. Cuz that dude himself is a bitch - which is why he's asking you to lower yourself in the first place...
What's Your call?:
Play the needy chick to get what you want- or be your self sufficient intelligent authentic self 1000% of the time?

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At Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 9:35:00 PM EDT , Blogger XIRUS said...

weak dudes want a woman to dummy herself down in order to make his weak ass game look good.


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