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Witches' Brew: Dwight Howard Treats His One Millionth Twitter Follower

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dwight Howard Treats His One Millionth Twitter Follower

Dear Dwight,

I thought we had something special.  I thought we were building toward something.  I thought this was a pseudo-relationship that was going to blossom into something real.  Then I wake up this morning and find out you've flown some other broad to your city, our city, and treated her to a special trip just because she's your one millionth Twitter follower.  Well, what about me, son?  I've been following you for months.  Where's my moment?  How could you, Dwight?  How?

Here's the story:

Stephanie Fisher and her son Lawrence Shaw were flown to the Magic's season opener against the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday.  Fisher won the trip by being the one millionth person to follow my Dwight on Twitter at @DwightHoward. After the game, he thanked Fisher for being his millionth follower and asked if she'd return for more games. And get this blasphemy: Fisher wasn't an avid Dwight Howard follower before she won the contest. She barely knew what Twitter was!!!!!!! Her husband was constantly talking the things he learned about Dwight via Twitter, so she decided to open the account and check him out.  He was one of the first people she followed.  Well, clearly, she's no dummy.


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