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Witches' Brew: Joe Jackson: Father Of The Year? C'Mon Son!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Joe Jackson: Father Of The Year? C'Mon Son!

Now I know for sure that all those years of perming have sept into Rev. Al's brain fo' sho'.  The Rev. Al Sharpton thinks the world needs more daddies like Joe I'ma beat you with this steamroller Jackson.   

Sharpton praised Jackson for his parenting skills at a National Action Network event in Harlem over the weekend.  He said:
"The arrogance of [people] attacking a man for being a stern father.  I wish we had more stern fathers - then we wouldn't be shooting each other up."

I'm keeling over and dying now...Hell hath frozen over and Michael Jackson is shamon hee-achoooin' in his mosoleum/grave/oxygen tank.  Whatever he's buried in.


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