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Witches' Brew: Why Thinking With Your Little Head Makes You An Idiot

Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Thinking With Your Little Head Makes You An Idiot

...and jobless!

ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips was fired last night... just a week after admitting he had an affair with a production assistant. In typical "I'm going to rehab to fix myself" fashion, Phillips is now going to a treatment facility "to address his personal issues."


Phillips' put his peen in a 22 year old subordinate while his wife was at home with the kiddies. That's his "personal issue."  After he broke it off, the assistant went straight up boilin' bunnies Fatal Attraction/Long Island I might shoot your wife in the face Lolita on this dude. Calling the wife, showing up at the house and trying to contact his teenage son via Facebook. The wife has now filed for divorce. Good on her!

The production assistant has also been fired by the network.

I know affairs are rarely as simple as "looks" and are often about what need that person fulfills within you, but dammit-hey, if you cheat on me, that bish better be on some Gisele Bundchen, Halleluyah Berry, Salma Hayek type steeze.

I'm just sayin'...


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