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Witches' Brew: Citizens of NOLA, Suck It! (Politically Incorrect Content Ahead)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Citizens of NOLA, Suck It! (Politically Incorrect Content Ahead)

Straight from the Ungrateful Summabitch Files, there are citizens of New Orleans that are complaining about the Brad Pitt's Make It Right, eco- houses. Lemme get this ish straight. You lost your homes, neighborhoods, and family members. Shit, was UNDER WATER-- Aqua Man Stylee, Son!! Someone came in and said 'hey not only are we gonna help you rebuild what you lost- but we're going to do it in such a way that we aren't ruining the earth further. And should this happen again, your home should be secure." We will engineer a home that will RISE WITH YOUR MOTHERFLIPPIN TIDES AND FLOAT, SUCKA- FLOAT!!! Because God forbid the government - replace your levies.... (Ok here's an idea. You guys go down to home depot and jerry rig them up with some planks and duct tape, yourselves. Since you have all the answers!- I gave you that one for free!) Now your ass is up in arms, because according to you these homes 'don't reflect the history of New Orleans' Mind you, these houses are NOT in a historical district. So, which history are you trying to re-create? The one where your house was UNDERWATER, because it was not structurally correct for your terrain?! You got your FEMA check and got brand effing new, didn't you, Son?

Tell you what, why don't you spend less time busting caps in the ass of Bayou Classic tourists; call an all hands on deck, and come up with a way to build the neighborhoods of your dreams. You don't like what people are giving you? Find a way to make what you want out of your homes, YOURSELVES.

Pissed Brewchie, Out!

Check the story out: NY Times

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