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Witches' Brew: Whooty Advice from CoCo: "How To Keep A Man"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whooty Advice from CoCo: "How To Keep A Man"

Man this whooty right here is something else. I kinda like CoCo though, she seems to mind her bitness. All she does is dress slutty and hump her boo all around town.... who could be mad at that I suppose.

But 'man advice' CoCo? Here's a lil tidbit from her article over at Global Grind:

It may seem a little old fashioned but here are some pointers that you can do to cater to your man:
  • Make him a cold drink
  • Cook him his favorite food
  • Give him a body rub
  • Dress in his favorite outfit or item
  • Draw him a bath
  • Watch all his favorite shows for a night
  • Play video games with him
  • And finally, kiss or lick his feet. Hehe- LOL. - very optional

"KISS OR LICK HIS FEET??? and end up with Athlete's Foot of the mouth???? Imma pass CoCo......

The rest of her article actually seems pretty logical and sensible though. Til later......


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