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Witches' Brew: Cornball Corner: Richard Heene

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cornball Corner: Richard Heene

Richard Heene, the #Balloon Boy, sperm donor with the weird Wham hair has landed in the Brew's Cornball Corner today for obvious reasons. This creepy critter pimped out his family by staging an "oh shyt in the sky" that capitvated the nation for hours! If it wasn't for Falcon's sissy stomach and loose lips, we probably would have never known the truth about these loons. Police will reportedly file criminal charges against the Colorado Cukoo mid-week. Now, TMZ's on dat ass! Turns out, Heene is a thug fo' real! He spent several days in the clink in Cali for doing hood rat stuff back in 1997. It was in California where police say Heene met his wife *dramatic pause*  ACTING CLASS. We've been had peoples! Now, I do know of some of White Jesus' chillren I'd like to blast off in a jiffy pop bag but I be damn if I call the po po and act shocked when they come out of a crawl space eatin' a slice of pizza. We need to check back with those little adverturous tykes in a few years...

I bet they'll be going One Hour Photo on some ass thanks to their freaky father! I quit them, fo' real!

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