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Witches' Brew: Stabbing Shuts Down DC's Love Nightclub

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stabbing Shuts Down DC's Love Nightclub

Well, what could have been a huge weekend for DC's Love nightclub and its owner Marc Barnes went bust last night, thanks to some folks who couldn't leave the hate behind in 2009.  A big weekend had been planned for the club, with sex inventor Trey Songz headlining Thursday night and Drake due to perform Friday.  But, DC's chief of police ordered the club shut down for 96 hours due to a stabbing incident on New Year's Eve.  I noticed the tweets was buzzin' about some "incident" at the club, so I did some sleuthing (and, by that I mean Googlin') and sho'nuff, this is the statement from Marc Barnes.

The club also tweeted (yeah, clubs are tweetin' now) that the events will be rescheduled.

What a way to begin 20-10!

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