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Witches' Brew: BFF Code 563449: Gettin With Your Girl's Ex

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BFF Code 563449: Gettin With Your Girl's Ex

What's the concensus on this? Is this cool? Like let's say your best friend was with dude like 10-15 years ago and now 20 years later you run into him, ya'll chit chat and catch up and you notice him giving you that eye like "damn Imma see can I feel shortie up real quick". In your head you're thinking "nah I'm buggin, girl quit thinking everyone wants you........ not that they don't cause you are fine! but nah girl, you buggin!" And then he says " Soooo, what chu bout to get into? wanna go grab a bite to eat" ( who told this dude the magic words to my heart?) So you figure it's innocent enough and ya'll go get some grub. Now you fully expect him to beat you over the head with questions about your best friend but 2 hours into the meal you realize he hasn't mentioned her once..... hmmmm?

Then you start tilting your head from side to side and notice that he's pretty damn yummy looking and while you take this vision of manliness in you are rewinding your mental tape deck trying to remember what he did to your homie to cause the split, did she catch him in her pannies? Did he have a small peen? Did he smell like goat cheese?  What the hell was it???? Cause as far as you can see he's looking like a steak and you are the A-1 sauce ready to pour yourself all over him...

So dinner concludes and ya'll exchange #'s, he ends all speculation by saying "look I'm feeling you, I definitely wanna spend more time with you" BAM!!! You get in your car, he gets in his but you are feeling all high and happy like a giddy lil teenager.

Then as you're driving home you start to ponder the wrongness of what just happened or wonder if it's even wrong at all. I mean were talking 20 years ago right? Surely she's over this cat or are all men that your friends used to date or even just liked (even if they didn't like your friend back) off limits??? Is this breaking a major BFF code if you move forward with the dude????

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At Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 1:50:00 AM EDT , Blogger DC DIVA DATING ADVENTURES said...

Anything done from middle school to 12th grade doesn't count the statute of limitations expired....just make sure you don't keep it a secret, or you'll look suspect


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