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Witches' Brew: Brew Commentary: The Bait & Switch

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brew Commentary: The Bait & Switch

I was in Zumba class the other day and I noticed there were more guys in the class then usual which was cool because I like to pretend I'm shaking it for show anyway. These dudes were kind of cute which was a bonus but then I noticed that they weren't paying attention to my Sasha Fierce routine. So I danced and shook harder but they still ignored me. Then I slowly noticed between the sweat beads in my eyes that they were looking and smiling at each other a little too much for my taste. Oy vey! They were gay! Now, we Witches love the "kids" BUT I feel like super fine gay men have no business being near where I want to do business. They're like that pair of Louboutins that I can't afford; beautiful and off limits. Now we know there's already a limited supply of straight black men, so why throw some decoys up in the mix?  Stop being so cute!



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