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Witches' Brew: Friday Epiphanies.........

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Epiphanies.........

A woman is NOT a real woman until she sprouts gray pubes, nothing says 'real woman' like a wise, old vagicat

'Their' and 'There' mean two different things people!

Ped Egss are the best invention ever! they make even my Jurassic T-rex feet seem suckable

People who suggest you add other people as friends on facebook should mind their muthaeffin business! who says I even like that person numb nuts??

This person to the left is all the proof we need to see that music is fading to a black hole of nothingness..... she's horrific

I think one tittyball being bigger than the other is so cute! I could be odd though

Bragging that you don't eat pork when you weigh 410lbs makes you look real stupid.....

When I say "Oh, let me call you right back!" I don't mean it and you'll never hear from me again.....

Men with Shakira curves (man hips)  and lil dainty hands remind me of Greek mythology, they intrique me a great deal.......



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