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Witches' Brew: Brew Tube: "Glee" Auditions - Candy Slice....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Brew Tube: "Glee" Auditions - Candy Slice....

OK, freakin hilarious! Candy Slice is a group auditioning to be on "Glee", peep their rendition of "My Chick Bad"....... I heart them!

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At Monday, April 26, 2010 at 9:52:00 AM EDT , Anonymous Cristal Marie said...

The only problem I find is that the page is TOO slow because there are nearly 75,000 videos in total right now. I uploaded mine yesterday and it still doesn't show up with the avatar, it only shows a blank "shadow".

If you go to the search bar, you type "Cristal" you'll see what I mean, if you click on it you'll also notice that while the videos are up, it doesn't show you the gold star stats.

Another problem is that there's a "Direct Link" to the video and when I spread it, it just doesn't show up. If you copy/paste that link to the browser, for some reason, at least on my video, nothing happens. It makes it very hard for people to check out my audition and vote for me, not to mention that those who search for me will not even see my picture and have to "guess" at which audition it is.

Considering it's 75,000 videos, what are the odds people will find a video if there's only a "shadow" showing up and the direct link being spread doesn't load?

Well, something the fine print said was that FOX had the right to choose regardless of votes, so here's to hoping that they are just viewing every single audition on their own, not missing a single beat after the deadline and selecting their own finalists.

I even created an "Audition Hub" to explain to people how to vote, and so they could view my avatar and my videos, because at the official page it's so hard and it takes so long to load. What is going on?

Let's hope it gets fixed! If you want to emulate my Audition Hub (which is so far working at least as I spread it, the link is easier and the content itself makes it more simple to view, spread and vote) feel free to check it out at:


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