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Witches' Brew: Health: Throwing in the Towel?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health: Throwing in the Towel?

File this one under health news of the absurd. An Ohio women lived for 7 years with surgical towel inside her body. When Bonnie Valle died in June 2002 she donated her body to research. During a dissection, a surgical cloth the size of a large hand towel was found behind her left lung. Valle had surgery for emphysema at the Cleveland Clinic back in 1995. She always told family members that she felt something odd in her chest following the procedure, but doctors told her it was normal to feel that way after surgery and the feeling would eventually go away. Anymalpracticesuitway, the feeling never did. She died but doctors argued that it wasn't from the towel but emphysema. The family reached a settlement with the hospital. My Granny always feared hospitals now I see why. WTF? Fawnda freaked out when she read this headline! Now I need a drink, but red wine only, since it's healthier. I'll tackle that topic in my next post.

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