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Witches' Brew: Rachel Makes The Dash

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rachel Makes The Dash

Designer Rachel Roy has had enough of Damon Dash. Roy filed for divorce after four years of marriage. And get this, the divorce is for "nonmonetary relief"... as in, he ain't got no money, just relieve me of this marriage. Dash and Roy have 2 daughters.

Dash's empire has crumbled and he faces a mountain of legal woes because of it.
  • Dash owes $2 million in taxes
  • A bank has foreclosed on his NYC condos
  • NYC seized his Tahoe SUV in 2008 when he couldn't meet the $700 payment
  • Dash is also being sued by landlords for failing to pay his bills
But, despite it all, Dash still has his big boy swagger. He said: "when I come back, I'm gonna change the economy as well."

Hard to believe he's gone from big pimpin' to cash sufferin'.

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