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Witches' Brew: Because “Fat” People Couldn’t Possibly Be Fashionable…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Because “Fat” People Couldn’t Possibly Be Fashionable…

Italian Vogue launched a new website called “Vogue Curvy.”  Ya know, for the thick’ems. Cuz heaven forbid we be included in the pages of any fashion magazine on a regular basis.
(*insert sarcastic sigh and eyeroll here*)

Anyway, the website features photos and videos of famous plus-sized models and celebs (or, Curvy Icons as the site calls them). “Vogue Curvy” also gives daily fashion suggestions and “how to wear” guides for the “glam and curvy,” plus links to fashion and accessories trends seen in Vogue.

Meh! I get that Vogue is trying to teach us "thick in the hips" types how to dress ourselves and all, but thanks... I'm doing okay in that arena.  Plus, I’m kinda over this whole singling-out stuff. Women are women. Designers need to learn how to dress us all.  Period.


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