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Witches' Brew: WTF Files: Showers Are Sooooo Passé, Get Aspray!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WTF Files: Showers Are Sooooo Passé, Get Aspray!

I have officially had it! this is real and not a joke.... Aspray is 'all purpose' deodorant for the body. You can use it on your pits, feet, ass crack and your peen or poon (and can someone explain why the man in the commercial is even sniffing the other mans bum and the blue fumes that emit from it????.......) Don't you need medical attention if people smell you through denim!!!!??? Aspray????? oh my head........

This is utter fuckfoolery! I'm telling you now, you will slowly but surely start hearing "nah come on with all that showering, I got da Aspray son! just spritz a lil under your nutsack yo......let's roll out, we good!"

I kid you not.... I know my people.......

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