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Witches' Brew: G-gggggggggg Damn!

Monday, January 11, 2010

G-gggggggggg Damn!

Well this is what happens when the G-Unit meets your face!

Lloyd Banks, along with 3 other men, were popped for assaulting road manager and "Canadian booking artist" Chris Hines in an Ontario, Canada hotel.

Hines suffered ... well, you look at the pic and tell me.

Sources say Banks was scheduled to perform a few songs at Club N.V. last Friday. But, in typical Negro fashion, he got there late and only performed half a track before walking off the stage which only further pissed off the fans.

Hines refused to pay Banks and that's when the fight happened. Apparently, disgruntled fans have been leaving their comments about the poor performance online, but the comments have been taken down from

Now, see, if I had a "deal" and G-Unit money (whatever that means), I'd have my minions do the face-breaking work.  What's pretty Lloyd gonna do in jail?  Hmmmm?


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