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Witches' Brew: Who Dat? So Well-Endowed

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who Dat? So Well-Endowed

Ladies, pack your bags... we've got some 'xplorin to do! commissioned its first ever survey of penis sizes across America. And guess where they’re packing the big’uns? New Orleans!

So, that’s why ladies love that Weezy F. Baby, huh?

Here are the deets:
To determine the averages, the survey took a look at the last five years of the company’s sales on its brand of “tailor made” condoms, called “TheyFit Condoms.” The condoms require exact length to be submitted in order to get the perfect fit.
20 Cities Ordered by Penis Size
20. Dallas/Ft. Worth
19. Philadelphia
18. Detroit
17. Los Angeles
16. Denver
15. Boston
14. Columbus
13. Indianapolis
12. Miami
11. Seattle
10. St. Louis
9. Chicago
8. San Francisco
7. Atlanta
6. Portland
5. Phoenix
4. New York City
3. San Diego
2. Washington, DC
1. New Orleans

Taste The Brew for a few more facts about the nether region…

* Top Ranking State by Average Penis Size: New Hampshire
* Lowest Ranking State by Average Penis Size: Wyoming (sorry)
* Blue States vs Red States: Blue States’ Average Penis Size is Bigger!
* Penises Come in a Wide Range of Sizes: The Smallest Penises are Less Than 3″ in Length and the Largest Penises are Longer Than 10″ in Length
* Penis Sizes Chart Almost a Perfect Bell Curve: 25% of the Male Population is Under 5″ in Length, 50% are Between 5″ and 6″ in Length and 25% are Longer than 6″ in Length

For a full list of where your state ranks, click here.

Beignets? Anyone?


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At Friday, March 26, 2010 at 3:32:00 PM EDT , Blogger Kim said...

Awww man!! No moving to North Carolina as previously planned. lol


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