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Witches' Brew: Celebrity Letter: Sanaa Lathan

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrity Letter: Sanaa Lathan

Dear Sanaa, you are my "girl crush" for so many reasons. You're classy, not trashy and the cameras never catch you out doing "hood rat stuff". You're the anti-Gabrielle Union. You're in two of my favorite movies and for that, hats off. Plus, you're an Ivy League girl, which means you've got smart real good. So why are you suddenly hanging with Kim Kard-ass-ian? I'm not understanding the flow here. You're both hot, but with her it's a different kind. I mean didn't she make a sex tape with Ray-J? Girl my granny always said pick your friends like you pick your fruit! This reality-show whore will suck the swagga from you with the quickness. Plus, she "smashed the homie"!

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