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Witches' Brew: Dr. Death Gets A TV Deal

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dr. Death Gets A TV Deal

Ok, so where do I sign up for a TV show?  I mean, my life of sleeping, working, eating and various bodily functions would be quite entertaining to watch.  Trust, I got some "SITUATIONS" ya'll would love to see.  Anywho, the man widely recognized allegedly as the Michael Jackson slayer (hey, justsayin'), is getting his own show.

Dr. Conrad Murray will star in a British documentary-style special showing his return to his practice. The company shot footage of Murray's first day back on the job in Houston on November 23rd. The company was reportedly interested in Murray's patient's reaction to his return to work. Uh, why would someone continue to be this man's patient?

Murray will get paid for the show, once it airs. But... here's the catch. The special won't air until the Jackson investigation has concluded. Womp womp... Murray won't see that check any time soon.


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