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Witches' Brew: Race Draft Candidates #38 & #39: Tony Yayo & 50 Cent

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Race Draft Candidates #38 & #39: Tony Yayo & 50 Cent

They should have never given some ignant negrids a mic as a medium. Tony Yayo is out with his new wack ass joint, "Obama", directed by 50 Cent.

Tony Yayo - "Obama" Official Music Video - Directed By 50 Cent from Thisis50 on Vimeo.

So let me get this straight, he's basically rapping about the usual suspects in rap: cars, clothes, hoes and you want to title it "Obama"? WTF? Okay Fiddy we get it, you push the envelope to stay relevant, but you and your new teefs can stop now. Can we trade Tony and Curtis in the race draft? #justsayin

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