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Witches' Brew: Designers Take Swipe At Lady O

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Designers Take Swipe At Lady O

Don’t say nothin’ bad about Mrs. Obama…cuz that’s when Miss Benita goes off!

Fashion fish are so jealous that First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t wearing their duds, they’ve taken to bashing the Missus for her fashion choices.  First, Oscar de la Renta had to go on "The View" gabfest to clear up some shizz he said about Mrs. O not wearing enough American designers.

Now, Arnold Scaasi is popping off about Mrs. O. 

"She's great looking, she has a great personality and she's obviously very bright ... But ... something is amiss. Obviously, she doesn't have the right advice at this moment. [She should] pick some designers and deal directly with them.  As [the wife of] the head of the most important country in the world, you must dress at some points according to protocol."

Scaasi was probably taking a swipe at the cardigan Mrs. O. wore to meet the Queen of England earlier this month.  de la Renta and Scaasi are part of the, dare I say, "old" guard who designed for First Ladies (read: Laura Bush & Hillary Clinton) who weren’t nearly as fashion forward as our lovely Mrs. O.

I smell some hateration in this dancery. 

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