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Witches' Brew: You Punch Snooki... You Get Taken Care Of

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Punch Snooki... You Get Taken Care Of

Brad Ferro (AKA "the dude who two pieced Snooki") is getting the boot from the New York City Dept. of Ed.  Ferro hit Snooki in the mouth while cameras were rolling for the MTV show "Jersey Shore." Well, it seems the school system didn't think too highly of Ferro's Seaside Heights activities since they're now firing him from his job as a gym teacher. Once the deal is done, Ferro will have 30 days to pack up from the North Queens Community High School where he works.  He'd already been found guilty of simple assault for the beatdown... now, he's looking for a new job.

See what happens when you mess with the Guidettes!

By the way, here's that punch-out, if you missed it...


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