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Witches' Brew: Social Commentary: Press Pause On No Homo

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Social Commentary: Press Pause On No Homo

Why are some in our community so scurred of being perceived as gay that they have to go out of their way to stress how un-gay they are?

Case in point: the perpetual need to interrupt yourself and interject a “no homo” or a “pause” to indicate a statement you’ve said or are about to say does not mean you’re actually gay or have gay tendencies.

There’s even a blog for "monitoring" such events.  The “pause” phenomenon is so mainstream even sportscasters are doing it *insert pause here.*

We get it.  You’re straight.  And you want us to know you’re straight so badly that you think about your non-gayness all the time and have to include it, subtly, in your conversation. 

Enough!  Let’s press pause on this and get over yourself.  Is it really that serious?

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