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Witches' Brew: Is Idris Stepping To Da Left, To Da Left?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Idris Stepping To Da Left, To Da Left?

Idris Elba’s new flick Obsessed hits theatres tomorrow. While his co-star, Beyonce, has been making the rounds to promote the movie (and her 50-11 other projects), Idris has been a virtual ghost.

That has some wondering if he’s bailing on the film (which -rumor has it- should've been a straight to Redbox release). The movie didn’t even screen ahead of its opening which is usually code for "file it next to Gigli and Glitter."

Elba didn’t make the New York City press junket. He canceled an appearance on “106 & Park” (who knew that show was still on?). His people say he’s battling the flu and he will be in attendance at tonight’s red carpet premiere in New York. 

We don’t believe you, you need more people.

Stringer betta get it together before Daddy Knowles puts the kibosh on his career like he did Ms. Kelly's then snuffs him like Omar and Brother Mouzone did.

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