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Witches' Brew: Ask A Dude: The Round Table-- Installment One

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ask A Dude: The Round Table-- Installment One

Welcome To the Ask A Dude Round Table

Meet the Dudes

Your favorite Witches hosted a cyber sit down with several of the opinionated (right or wrong) fellas in our cipher and grilled them to the white meat. We're hoping these discussions can start a dialogue (In the comments section please), and foster a greater understanding between the genders. *Witches' Note- We have purposely not rebutted- even though our mouths are bleeding from biting our tongues. Enjoy!

We ask these questions for women who won't believe the answers they get 'NO!! HE DOES NOT LIKE YOU, MISS!' and for men who sometimes just don't know how to say what they mean and mean what they say, ''WHY WONT She stop calling me, I told her I don't like her!''

In short- we do this for our people! So, let's meet the Dudes

Mr. Crab: Describes himself as a tall, dark Southern gentleman who is caring and romantic, but those feelings conflict with his occasional surly and ornery disposition. He loves to travel, play sports, listen to good music, dance, and harass crazy cat women.

Reverend Real: Was born in Queens and raised on Strong Island. He lives with his wiz and shorty in Durham, NC. He describes his personal theology as Neo-Baptist Pentecostal Post-Black Church Anti-Negro Spiritual.

Mr. Big in Europe: Is a member of a group that is NOT the Jonas Brothers (bummer!)... and the self-proclaimed, "Last good man on earth". Strategically single, he believes, when it comes to relationships, everyone has the right to make an informed decision.

SUpreme:A well-rounded, opinionated brother with a varied background and wealth of experiences to draw on. Highly educated but as "hood" as you want to get, he's never at a loss for words. Always up for discussion, debate and verbal engagement, make sure you have your facts straight and know your ISH before you enter into the fray with THIS brother! (It's like the WWW Smackdown with this dude).

Ask A Gross Dude: Our OGD (original Gross Dude)writes his own bio because seriously, ICK: 38, single, nice guy, straight, never married, father of 1, serial dater, well traveled, loves to "socialize", in a frat, borderline gym rat, likes women who get their crotchs waxed, gets treated like a sex object by most women (woe is me), loves sports, not flashy and doesn't floss, not into material things.. just big breasts and asses, social binge drinker, doesn't smoke, doesnt do drugs, gainfully employed, edumacated and just an overall great guy. ;-)

Ask a Cash: He's a sensible guy, who was too busy to get me a bio. And there you have it!

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