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Witches' Brew: What’s Brewing?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What’s Brewing?

A few links for your evening reading pleasure...

Is Whitney Houston in rehab? – Gyant Unplugged

Tiger Woods will piss on you – Intersection of Madness & Reality

America’s Next Top Model may very well kill you – dlisted

Send Lil Wayne a jailhouse letter why don’tcha? – Miss Jia

Call Demi Moore a cougar and she might cut you – the.Life Files

Tyra Banks wants to help you with your period – Jezebel

Octomom could be OctohomelessTMZ

Michael Jordan buys the Charlotte Bobcats…sure hope he doesn’t suit up too – FreddyO

Tiny & T.I. getting married… finally – YBF

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